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Overview of Addiction Treatment

The disease of addiction overpowers many people’s lives. Many lives are saved simply by understanding the truth about addiction and the fact that the disease of addiction has treatment available. The individuals impacted by this demeaning disease are faced with the inability to control or manage their drug and alcohol use. The powerlessness and hopelessness felt by those impacted by addiction, requires evidence and proven, fact-based treatment. Multi-faceted treatment designed for extensive structure and stability, allows a person suffering with the disease of addiction to regain personal strength, stability and peace in the absence of alcohol and drugs.

Treatment for Addiction

Addiction makes people lose control and subjects them to obsession over their drug or drink of choice. Loss of personal will power and control in everyday life is intimidating for the person living in addiction, as well as for his or her friends and family members. The disease of addiction results in overspread brain damage and chemistry change; often consuming any balance and stability in one’s life. In addition, an individual’s mind and body is also heavily impacted. Consequently, addiction disrupts ones’ wellness and all around drive and productivity in life.

Achieving long term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction may seem challenging and unachievable without the help of medical professionals. Addiction causes psychological distress which often results in difficulties with learning, memory retention, attention decision-making and the ability to regulate emotion. Additionally, the physical impacts addiction takes on a person is a: a compromised immune system, weakened muscles, fatigue, changes in appetite, restlessness, heart attacks, an abnormal pulse, liver and kidney trauma. Although the physical and psychological impairment are unsettling, the mind and body are incomparable to the honest and destructive effect of addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction is a fatal disease and will take the lives of many, if nothing is done to stop it.

Goals of Addiction Treatment

Top of the line treatment centers focus on designing a treatment plan which focuses solely on the individuality of each client. Designing each treatment plan on an individualized basis allows our professional staff to maintain attentiveness to each client’s changing needs. While regaining health a person is likely to experience frequent changing needs. In order to provide effective methods of treatment for long-term recovery a person’s needs must be made a priority. With guidance from licensed professionals, individuals transition through the rehabilitation process and have the ability to find happiness and success. By accepting specialized treatment in rehabilitation, people discover personal skills and traits that help cope with stress and maintaining overall stability. Additional therapeutic methods are also available, offering individual’s assistance with building personal strengths socially psychologically and physically. Moreover, with intensive training and research our licensed professional staff will provide education in relapse prevention. In addition to evidence based methods vital for the success of life-long recovery. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction and is in need of treatment, please call (702)-978-6897 .

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