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An Overview of Intervention

The mental disease of addiction to drugs and/or alcohol overwhelms the family in addition as well as the person directly affected. Addiction conflicts with a person’s productivity and progression in their everyday life by producing the necessity to obsessively seek out and abuse drugs and alcohol. This compulsivity of substance abuse takes over, controlling a person’s decision making without considering anyone or anything outside of it. Colliding with societies norms, implicit and explicit, a person living with addiction is commonly faced with detrimental consequences from his or her use.

The most common destinations faced by individuals affected by addiction are mental institutions, incarceration and death. Even though such consequences are intimidating and avoided, people living with this disease are unable to stop using drugs and alcohol. A person’s inability to stop using drugs and alcohol strongly connects to the brain’s rewiring process and circuiting and is far from having anything to do with will power or lack thereof.

The Purpose of Intervention

The purpose of an intervention when confronting a person, you care about impacted by addiction is to bring to light his or her need for help. With the help of a professional interventionist, communicating the negative and reckless effects that addiction in one’s life can often prove effective. An interventionist will lead an education process for friends and family members, creating an opportunity for them to meet directly with the person they care about struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

Alone, individuals controlled by the disease of addiction generally will not seek help or treatment due to his or her inability to see the negative effects addiction has on their life. A professional interventionist will offer assistance through developed skills in handling conflict resolution and the motivation aspect of the process. With help from friends and family members, a professional will have the ability to direct the struggling individual’s attention to the association of drug and alcohol abuse and the issues present in his or her daily life. Interventionist strategically focuses on immersing an individual living in active addiction to the help and treatment available to him or her, offering reassurance and clarity to the facts of why addiction causes demoralization.

The Intervention Process

Using intervention as a means to effectively present and offer a solution for addiction, is recommended. Additionally, an intervention can influence an individual to pursue treatment, however, in order for a positive and effective outcome we encourage the friends and family to uphold an attitude of love, compassion and hope. Interventions take place to encourage a person living with addiction to get help for his or her disease in addition to shining truth on the serious and often times fatal consequences if they don’t get help. In order for an intervention to be effective, meeting with a professional interventionist is advised.

After meeting with an interventionist, you will receive assistance and begin to plan the intervention. The steps in planning are strategic, taking into account all aspects and facts of the situation at hand. An intervention planned and led by a licensed/certified professional offers a necessary balance between stating facts of the disease of addiction and maintaining an optimistic and hopeful outlook. You should educate yourself and your loved one with the facts of addiction. Addition centers in a person’s mind. The likelihood of the consequences amplifies, which; requires professional help to uphold a positive and effective meeting. The intervention can prove ineffective if a person living in active addiction senses a personal attack or that he or she is being judged by his or her friends and family. A person living in active addiction commonly experiences feelings of guilt, shame and demoralization because of the lack of control over his or her life. The experience of these feelings are often heightened when around friends and family members. For this purpose, confronting one’s addiction while having the chance to express any concerns will have the most effective result when receiving assistance from a professional interventionist.

Plan an Intervention

Even though confronting a person’s drug and/ or alcohol addiction will be uncomfortable and certainly not easy, being loving, positive and open-minded can save a person’s life. Showing empathy and understanding may encourage a person to receive treatment to find freedom from addiction and start walking a path in a life-long recovery from drugs and alcohol. We urge you to please call and plan an intervention today. (702)-978-6897 .

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