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Drug Rehabilitation

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(SAMSHA), an estimated 6.2 million adults aged 18 or older are living with illicit drug use disorder.; (3.5 million with marijuana use disorder; 1.7 million with pain reliever use disorder; 900,000 with cocaine use disorder; and 570,000 with heroin use disorder). The disease of addiction takes over control running each aspect of one’s life. To ease stress, several treatments are now available for individuals that are experiencing the difficulties on the disease.

Treatments are designed and tailored to meet an individual’s needs (criteria being based on psychiatric, drug abuse patterns, social and co-occurring medical issues) for providing an effective and sustainable life in recovery from drug use. Although the journey out of active addiction will not be painless, a life in recovery from drug addiction is worth the struggle. Whether you or someone you care about is experiencing the powerful impact of addiction, there is a solution.

Drug Use and Your Health

Drug addiction distresses the body and causes serious negative effects on a person’s health. The consequences that derive from daily drug abuse can prove severely detrimental to a person’s mind as well as his or her body. Drugs that connect with adverse cardiovascular effects are: cocaine, heroin, inhalants, ketamine, steroids, nicotine, marijuana, methamphetamines, PCP, MDMA, prescription stimulants and LSD. Similarly, negative neurological effects are likely to result from drugs including: cocaine, marijuana, rohypnol, GHB, marijuana, nicotine, MDMA, inhalants, methamphetamines and prescription stimulants.

Often, these consequences health consequences require professional assistance. Drug addiction interrupts a person’s balance and productivity in life, as a result of chemicals in the brain changing and over brain damage. The result of brain chemistry changes is likely to include, difficulties in memory retention, making decisions and maintaining attention. Similarly, the physical effects of drug addiction are weakened muscles and immune system. In addition to diminishing one’s strength, addiction can result in heart rate abnormalities, heart attacks, damage of the liver and kidneys.

Recovery from Drug Addiction

Rehabilitation centers begin by focusing on all physical factors for the body to regain health. Detox is the beginning and most critical steps in the recovery process. Without exception, detoxification forces a person’s body into physical withdrawal. Supervision by medical professionals will serve great importance during this process.

While in rehabilitation, a person will receive supervision and assistance from medical staff for the entirety of his or her stay. An individual’s recovery process is monitored for ensure an individual’s overall healing and safety. The rehabilitation begins with a physical process of detox setting the stage for further in depth treatment of psychological and behavioral aspects.

Treatment that also focuses on the psychological and behavioral aspects of a person’s brain is vital, immediately after completing the detox process. Psychologically, an individual will often times develop a negative sense of self, due to his or her powerlessness over drug abuse. In addition to working on one’s self-perception, behavioral aspects are of equal importance. Addressing an individual’s behavior and improving personal skill development will likely require motivational change as well as reward incentives for the stop of drug use.

A person’s normal brain function will take several months, possibly even years. Certainly, we are confident informing you that rehab offers an environment that is necessary to achieve effective treatment and long-term recovery. In addition to receiving treatment for psychological, behavioral and physical aspects, a person will have support with his or her transition from rehab into daily living.

Life Free from Addiction

Drug addiction can cause change in a person’s brain chemistry which results in compulsivity of drug abuse. This fact often makes staying away from drugs nearly impossible, regardless of if a person is ready to stop or not. Recovery from drug addiction is possible with effective and evidence based treatment. If the influence of addiction seems unbearable and too strong to battle, remember you are not fighting alone. Recovery from addiction is accessible. Many people who pursue recovery are no longer controlled by addiction. Get back a life of productivity and choices. It is not too late to break free from addiction (702)-978-6897 .

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